More ‚Expert‘ twaddle


By way of an intermission in my current Musical A-Z, I had cause to once again consider the information provided by ‚experts‘ today.

I caught the news at 12:30. Just after, the weatherman appeared. Mature, benign, and smilingly confident. He waved his hand around a back-projected map of Britain for a while, before making this definite statement. “ Once the cloud clears from the east, counties like Norfolk* can expect a sunny afternoon, with temperatures close to the seasonal norm, around 21 degrees.“ That was music to my ears.
(* Where I live)

I informed Ollie that we would be going out early for our walk, to enjoy that seasonal warmth of around 70 F, and the sun that would accompany it. No need to lug an umbrella around, or to wear uncomfortable waterproofs. We set off at 12:45, ignoring the grey skies that I had been reliably informed would…

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