Feel Good Friday: Lip Sync Love – A Tribute to our Men and Women in Uniform

The Purple Almond

Ok, I have a lot of videos today, but I wanted to make sure everyone was covered. After a particularly hard first week on my elimination diet, I wanted to have a bit of fun. I started my research for this week’s feel good Friday post looking for lip sync videos after watching a funny video on Facebook. While looking for lip sync videos, I came across some fabulous lip sync videos made by our military, law enforcement and EMS crews. So, I decided to include one from each branch.

Watch only one…watch a few…or watch them all. What’s important is that you have fun and end your week on a high note.

This post is dedicated to ALL of our men and women in uniform, both overseas and at home, who work hard and risk their own lives, every day, to keep our country safe.


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