When we work together #3

Free to express

When he saw her drenched in the rain,

His desires started soaking in her curves.

The drops of water on her lips were his desire,

He saw her in the rain but she was a fire.

Is she for real or am I in a dream,

That wet lock on her face forced his heart to scream.

But his imaginations were in vain,

when he saw her catching the bus.

Now, neither she nor his feelings belongs him,

Because his emotions were carried away with her steps.

Giving himself the shade of the book,

He followed the bus just for her single look.

That spark gave him an energy boom,

he ran faster so that he can catch the bus soon.

In this rain, all he wants are her lips,

to kiss them was his only wish.

That bus was out of his sight,

and the gap between him and…

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