(Poem) The Wild Horse

Truth Troubles

Wild horse etched upon a cave’s back wall

What an honor for all who get to see you

Six thousand or so odd years ago

In-cased within God’s hand-made stall

Yet the fury of the steed shows proudly

The fire in your eyes and the furrow of brow

Your chest and abs all taut with anticipation

Lightning flashing from your hooves of glory

To be brought out into the Lord’s yellow light

Now to be seen for the first time of clear sight

As well as for you to be given sight to first see

For whom is more thankful the seer or the seen

Once only graced by the eyes of a French magnet

Now even us surfs your beauty we get to see

You in my dreams, bare back and bridled only

The stars together for the first time we see

I honor the hand which with thee did draw

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