On Being Authentic

Head to Head, Heart to Heart

We probably all like to think we are authentic by nature and that we live authentically. After all, we don’t want to think we are ever viewed by others as fake, duplicitous, disingenuous, or presenting different ‘faces’ or personae in different environments and situations. But what does it mean to be an authentic person? And what does it mean to live authentically?

Selecting an appropriate pick and mix of definitions, appropriate to the context we’re talking about here, we usually understand authentic to mean: genuine, true, honest, valid and real. And in terms of our behaviour, authentic is taken to mean outwardly representing one’s true nature or beliefs and being true to oneself. I’d like to add, that for me, it means being open, transparent, and living inwardly and outwardly according to your own nature, with few hang-ups and psychological blocks which can make you compromise yourself, and that as…

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