Meet Your Greet : Week 13.

Sweta Ojha

“Cause it’s about time you meet what you’d like to greet!”right here on this space meant for you, for me and for us.

I were off for sometime and Meet Your Greet returns this week after 15 long days! Apologies for a miss yet hoping you’d join in still!

About Meet Your Greet

The Theme Of The Week:


So if there is one article, one poem, one quote, one thought or anything that reminds you of the emotions a heartbreak brings with it. It’s about time.

It’s about time you share with us your favorite thought or maybe share a link to where is it available across the internet. Tell us what’s heartbreak to you, how do you deal with it, your experiences, observations and last but not the least, the positivity you’ve discovered. Share your pieces of creativity or dig onto someone else’s for us to read.

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