London Grenfell Tower disaster, accountability?

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London vigil for Grenfell Tower deadBy Chris Marsden in Britain:

Anger grows over failure to prosecute those responsible for Grenfell Tower inferno

15 July 2017

Residents and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have rejected the lies and excuses offered up by the Metropolitan Police to justify their failure to arrest anyone connected to the inferno.

Over 200 members of the local community gathered at St. Clements Church, north Kensington on Wednesday, marking one month since the fire. They were there to hear from the government “gold command” response panel, including Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Robyn Williams, investigating officer Matt Bonner and Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Elizabeth Campbell.

Campbell, who took her post after the forced resignation of Nicholas Paget-Brown, was treated with deserved contempt for doing nothing for Grenfell’s residents.

She had prepared for the meeting with two interviews during which she refused to apologise for the council’s actions prior…

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