Childhood and Summer, Then and Now

A Teacher's Reflections

On summer evenings my greatest pleasure is sitting on the porch and reading.  My porch has soft lighting and wood everywhere; bare wood and rough wood.  The ceiling is the roughest wood of all, and my husband wants to paint it.  Oh, no!  That would be a travesty.  I knew it would, but I didn’t know why… until I sat out on the porch this week.

I heard thunderstorms in the distance.  I stopped reading to listen and just be in the moment.  I was transported back to my childhood at summer camp, Camp Dekanawida in Salt Rock, WV.  This was overnight camp.  There were no day camps or sports camps.  Camp was, well… real camp.  We slept in a cabin, learned swimming and archery, sang songs every morning and evening.  I remember the nighttime counselor hunt, the bonfires, and the hikes.  To this day, I can still sing…

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