A Musical A-Z: U


Not as bad as some, but a little tricky, U sets a challenge. This is the second post in this series for today, as I am coming close to the end now. At least I had a top pick in mind from the start. Please play along; any group, song, album, or singer, as long as the name begins with ‚U‘.

Big ballad, powerful voice, and a song about lost love, from a strong female vocalist. That ticks all my boxes, and this song from Toni Braxton is just great too.
Un-Break My Heart

Released in the UK in 1952, the same year I was born, this song has endured throughout my whole life, with many versions and covers of the original bringing new audiences at least once a decade. This is the original though, with the incomparable tones of Nat King Cole.

Aretha Franklin is one of the…

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