Half Guests will travel. Interview with Robbie Cheadle.

shehanne moore


Robbie. Well, Sir Chocolate lives in Chocolate Land where you can eat everything, even the trees, flowers and houses.

Robbie.  It would be a great pity to eat Sir Chocolate as then there would be no more Sir Chocolate stories.

Robbie. How about we compromise and you nibble a gingerbread house instead?

Robbie. I live in South Africa, far across the ocean from Scotland. It is very sunny and hot here and we spend a lot of time swimming and doing outdoor activities. The Sir Chocolate books series is a family undertaking and everyone has a role. Michael comes up with the story ideas and some of the characters, I write the stories in rhyming verse and design the books, Gregory edits our YouTube recipe videos and Terence (my husband) helps with editing the books. Gregory and Michael are both at school. Gregory started high school this year and…

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