Tillyplatz – News: Preparations for the new „AWO day care center“

TILLYPLATZ 2030 - Marktplatz der Generationen

Eslarn therefore seems to have its own retirement home, which in March 2014 was exclusively blessed by the director of the pastoral care department of the diocese of Regensburg Peter Hubbauer.

Last Friday the demolition work hasbegun to make way for the new day care center of the AWO Eslarn. This is not really necessary because the last years daily care services of the surrounding municipalities also provide their services for the elderly citizens of Eslarn.

However, it seems that the Eslarner population is allowed only to be served in Eslarn. Some people suspect that this has something to do with the abuse cases committed by a clergyman named Georg Friedrich Zimmermann (+ 1984) from 1950 to his death to the former boyish of Eslarn.
Perhaps the diocese of Regensburg fears that these elderly victims of abuse mightbe close to death unmask a system of child abuse, which had begun…

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