The Reality Of Our Powerlessness

Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World,

These are the people that mean the most…

These are the people that care

These are your true blue friends

And these type of friends are rare!!!

Cherish them, hold them tight and don’t every let go….

Cause friends like this are hard to find and when you find them you’ll know…🙏❤🙏❤

Much love to you all

Now the real work begins… Now that it’s home I do still need help with converting it to become livableand making my dreams come true .. thank you all for helping and for all you do. The link is below so please help me if you can or share the link so that I can go and continue on with my plans. To spread my son’s ashes at the places he wanted to see, to continue on this journey of healing and to honor him and me. Thank you thank…

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