Suspenseful YA Dystopian Sample: New Age Lamians

Didi Oviatt

The very first strike of lightning on the very first night in camp had taken Amber’s breath away. Every one else from The Company were in their tents attempting to rest. Amber on the other hand was out in the open with Freddy and I. We were standing just outside of our large centralized tent. I can still see the gap form between her lips, and the spark light in her eyes. Her body never flinched at the crash of the following thunder. She remained steady and completely mesmerized. “Beautiful,” she whispered under her breath. I was equally transfixed but not by the sky or earth in reaction. I was unable to take my eyes off of her. The way her hair fell across her face in the light of the storm, and the way she grinned with every crash was intoxicating. I was absolutely bewitched. I stood beside myself…

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