Office #Word 2016 really is a piece of…

Meeka's Moving


What follows is a raged induced rant so look away now.


I’ve just wasted an hour trying to fix the Word 2016 dictionary. It started with ‚Mira Than‚.

No, actually, it started with the combination of two big episodes of Innerscape into one very BIG Word 16 document. How big? 375 pages. Apparently, Word still has issues with very big files. That’s the reason I originally migrated my writing to a dedicated writing package [StoryBox]. Unfortunately, to publish a print version of Innerscape, I have to go Word >>PDF>>Createspace.

Anyway, after spending hours wrestling with Word’s section breaks [more on that in another post], I began doing a this-is-absolutely-the-last edit, when I realised that every time I typed in Miira Tahn, Word would ‚correct‘ it to ‚Mira Than‘ as soon as my attention moved elsewhere.

I tried getting Word to ‚Ignore All‘, but it wouldn’t –…

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