Last chapter of „The girl“ series.

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

Trigger warning on talk of suicide.

The girl was just a little girl when she took a bottle of her mother’s pills. Ones in the back of the drawer that would never be missed. They weren’t…ever missed. She was young. She didn’t know that a bottle of those pills wouldn’t accomplish what she thought. She waited but nothing happened. The little girl went to school and promptly after eating a corn dog for lunch started vomiting. Her mother was called and it was determined she had a stomach bug. She never ate another corndog for the rest of her life. I don’t know why the little girl wanted to end her life at 10 years old. I just know it is horribly sad that she felt that was her only option. Maybe one day she will remember why she wanted to die, but I’m guessing she hopes that stays blocked…

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