Guest author: Geoff Le Pard – Buster and Moo

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The perils of a novel in weekly instalments

Maybe it was my Charles Dickens moment; maybe hubris; or just maybe I wanted to find a way to generate posts as a relative newcomer to blogging. Whatever the motivation I found myself, as I churned out the required 50,000 words for Nano 2014, pondering an alternative which was to write a book spread over 52 weeks. I had an idea for the novel, borne out of the family acquiring a rescue dog the year before, which I thought had legs – the story not the.. anyway. But as with all of my novels to date, I had little beyond the basic idea, maybe enough to generate ten chapters; I’m an organised pantser: I start writing and see where I get to.

I moved from the nascent idea, to a fixed determination to give this a go in a short space of…

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