British police underestimates Grenfell Tower disaster

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In this video from Britain, George Monbiot talks about the Grenfell Tower disaster.

By Robert Stevens in Britain:

London police drag out Grenfell Tower fire investigation

12 July 2017

London’s Metropolitan Police announced Monday that “around 80” people died in the Grenfell Tower fire. The police claim that the first part of their criminal investigation into the fire concluded that 350 people were resident in the block of flats on the night of June 13/14.

The Met said 255 people escaped from the fire that began in the early hours of the morning and that an additional 14 residents were not in their properties when the fire occurred. On this basis, they concluded that 81 people are likely to have died.

The figure contradicts estimates by others, including demographers, residents and those who lived nearby—with figures by demographers ranging from 90 plus to 123. The police say their…

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