Ceviche Spells Florida


Nothing spells Florida like Ceviche!  This post is totally inspired by another blogger, a great and knowledgeable Odedi from Odedi’s Wine Review, who kept mentioning this and that wine with tuna ceviche. It finally got to the point where I said that there was no such thing and promised to prove it. It’s not my fault – Odedi, you made me do it!


This is our little island, Miami Beach. Under each awning there is a restaurant that serves ceviche, and each one claims that it’s the only true ceviche, and everything else isn’t. So sure, go ahead with your tuna, you are no different from Ocean Drive restaurateurs! Incidentally, you are looking at News Cafe, of tragic Gianni Versace assassination notoriety. That does not stop hordes of tourists from sampling Florida cuisine, and no one is better to speak of Florida cuisine than the two famed chefs, Norman…

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