British Conservative anti-African racism

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This 10 July 2017 video from Britain is called Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris suspended by Theresa May after using N-word at an event.

By Lucas Davies-Herbst in Britain:

Tory MP suspended over racist remark in EU talk

Tuesday 11th July 2017

A TORY MP was recorded using the racist term “nigger” yesterday during a speech about Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Anne Marie Morris, who represents Newton Abbot, was joined by fellow Tory MPs John Redwood and Bill Cash in a London panel discussion about the future of Brexit organised by the right-wing think tank Politeia.

At the exclusive East India Club in Westminster, Ms Morris was discussing the prospect of Britain leaving the EU without a deal when she called it a “real nigger in the woodpile.”

This racist expression, referring to hidden trouble, originates with 19th century slave-owners in the south of the USA. Their slaves…

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