AUTHORS – LAST CALL for you to get Four Months FREE Book Promotions with a difference…

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Would you like some

Sustained Marketing

once per month from

September to December?

If you have already appeared as a Guest Author on my blog you can put yourself and your books in front of potential readers / fans by doing something other than the usual ‚Buy My Book Campaigns‘ that are, let’s face it, largely ignored or treated as spam?


Email me four (4) articles about any subject you’d like to share, providing they’re Family Friendly and become a:

TSRA Blog Article Contributor

for the next four months

Why do I recommend that authors who have already been guests, send me further articles about topics they’d like to share, or “How To’ informative articles, etc?

It helps keep them (and subsequently, their works) in the public mind and eye, especially if they have them posted regularly, e.g., once per month.

It gives authors the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their writing talents are…

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