A’pieu Cushion Tok Tint

That Girl Coffee

Hey there! I’m reblogging this post from my old account, but my feelings for it is still the same 😆

Cushion products are very in right now that even lipsticks has it. A product from A’pieu, a korean based sister company of Missha, introduced a unique way of putting on your lip makeup in the form of cushion tapping application called A’pieu Cushion Tok Tint.

Basically this product is more of a powdery lipstick type not a lip tint. It comes in a small cushion applicator that retracts from the handle and a screw on cap. So where’s the product? It’s in the cap. So don’t lose or break it!

It has a small amount of product, I must say I was a little disappointed, but I had an idea that maybe after all the product is gone I can use the cushion applicator to apply my lipstick ^_^ or maybe…

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