What Would You Do?

Story Empire

One of our recent Curated Contest blogs included a link to a post about giveaways and scams. If you missed the link, you can find the post here. In a nutshell it comes down to this:

  • Jo Author writes a book and offers free copies through a giveaway on Goodreads.
  • Bo Scam Artist enters giveaway (along with many other readers) and wins book.
  • Jo Author autographs her book and mails it to Bo Scam Artist.
  • Bo Scam Artist immediately turns around and lists the book for sale on Amazon (in “like new” condition, of course).
  • Bo Scam Artist sells book and pockets the money.
  • Jo Author nets zero profit, and is out the cost of postage to Bo Scam Artist.

Pretty nasty, right?

Gray tabby kitten looking at a screen on a miniature laptop om stack of books

When I first ran the scenario through my head I was outraged. Yet another scammer making money off an author. Seriously, what kind of ethics does…

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