We were all made to be pampered!

Quirk it


Bakwena which means people of the crocodile is one of the best spa’s that I have ever experienced. From the lady at the reception to the waiter and right through to the manager, were all filled with positive energy, warm friendly hello’s who made you feel comfortable, at ease and at home, ensuring that you are happy and satisfied at all times. The Bakwena spa is located in between vineyards, on top of the hill looking out on Table mountain and the whole of Cape Town. Each nerve was touched, stress ball relieved and mind cleared, just being calm for so long brings clarity. The culture of the staff is also mind blowing, they sing in the mornings at the front door before starting the day, they sing before lunch and their special song for birthdays, where the birthday boy or girl then also receives a complimentary J.C. le Roux…

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