Michael’s cooking weekend

Robbie's inspiration

Michael has had a very busy weekend in the kitchen. Yesterday morning he decided to make breakfast for the whole family, including Nana and Granddad. I was very impressed with the lovely cheese omelette he produced for each of us. He even made the buttered toast.


Yesterday afternoon he wanted to help me make pizza bases from scratch for dinner. We used a lovely recipe for the pizza based that was posted by Rae over at The Jam Jar. You can find the recipe at this link:

I hadn’t really planned to make pizza last night so we only had tinned tomato & onion mix and cheddar cheese to use as toppings. The pizzas were delicious and the bases were really tasty. Both pizzas were completely finished.

Then today, Michael wanted to make something for tea. He decided on Smartie biscuits. They were really nice and here is the recipe:



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