Truth Troubles



Belvidere, the name sounds so peaceful

Is it not a place for your children to grow

Swinging bridge and waterfall and trails

Two scenic parks in which to spend your time

My youth from ten years of age

This is the hometown in which I was raised

No coal fields, nor mines or silk mills

Mostly factories the place people marked their time

From the Blue Ridge to the Black Hills

Beautiful places we pitched our tents

Chrysler Corporation, in Belvidere

This is where they built an assembly plant

Chasing a good job, good wages with benefits

Belvidere is the place where our family went

Belvidere turned out to be a good place to live

Except their winters too much cold and snow

The people good honest hard-working folks

But their winters I don’t miss

Mom, dad, and my big brother Larry

They do rest there now in…

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