And I do !!     #Part 1 

Free to express

Hey readers,

Welcome back to my new blog storyAnd I do!By now you all know I love talking about love, Hahaha! Again a love story but with some taste of sugar and salts.

It was a cold Tuesday, where this boy Rajiv was going for a walk, when people start growing in their twenties they usually they try to get their physique maintained, somehow their looks lye in the category of priorities.

So, Rajiv a graduate and he entered his hands in entrepreneurship and he was tall young fair and was ambitious too.

Its not like that he was not afraid of all this he was just in his twenties come on. Away from home and coping up with something new always brings sense of fear in every other human being. And on the other hand confidence to survive hard, do something in life was on the other…

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