Word challenge! 1

Free to express

Hey friends,

Welcome to this first blog of word challenge.

Today while I was sitting and thinking that I have a blog family I got an idea of having more fun and getting more close with the readers and bloggers

So here I have a word game where I will give the bloggers a word and you all have frame a blog with that word you can write anything an article, poem, 4liners, haiku, scribbles even you can tell any story of yours that comes in your mind related to it, anything and inform me in comment section and then the other blogger will give a word and this is how the chain will go on then next week again a word and again a nominee.

It will help us to know each other more and instant creation.

So, I nominate

  1. Richa, our mixed box.And
  2. Sumitofficial

And their word…

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