Thistledown Midsummer Bedlam – Oops!

Teagan's Books

Humilited girl comicWhat should I call this — an update, a revision, a change in parameters?  I’m calling myself all sorts of things.

Professionally, I describe myself as a „technical communicator“… and I had a communications fail here at Teagan’s Books.  Since I’m a communicator,I feel terrible.

I made the „interactive“ aspect of the new serial, Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam a means of promoting others, and called for characters from other bloggers. I phrased it that way because comments almost always appear to come from bloggers.  However, the parameters that were in my head and heart, but didn’t make it to my typing fingers, were broader.

Embarrassed girl comicI meant for it to be any regular reader.  So if you want to be involved by giving a character your faery name — and you read this blog each week, kindlyleave a comment at the premier episodefrom yesterday.  (Comments…

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