The Wisdom Of the Ages #writephoto #flashfiction


Sue has given us this image for the #writephoto prompt this week

The Frngg are an unsuperstitious race, generally, except when it comes to the formalities and procedures around dying. The one thing the Frngg are insistent upon is that none of the accumulated wisdom of their people shall be wasted. If someone knows which berries taste good and which turn your earlobes purple then they want this passed down. One day someone will invent the biro and the ring binder but until then the death bed transfer will do.

Death is, like everything in the Frngg world, regulated and organized. Each Frngg lives until it has stopped growing new teeth, which becomes apparent when it is impossible to chew the staple of the Frngg diet, the Grppt nut .

‘It’s my time,’ they say at which point there are allotted fourteen days of wailing and two hours of gnashing…

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