Peace – by Ritu #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“Now this,” tour guide Tim indicated, “is the famous bed!”
His words were greeted by coos of excitement and eightened whispers in all manner of languages.
The 20-strong group were the fifth he’d taken around today already.
“Yes, here is the bed where Snow White lay, after consuming that poisoned apple, given to her by her Evil Stepmother. Here is where the seven dwarves congregated each day and night, keeping watch over the body of their beautiful princess. And here is where the Prince came to kiss her, and wake her up!”
Cue the phone cameras and proper cameras clicking, image after image from all angles.
“What, you want to lay there and have your photo taken? With your own Prince Charming kissing you? Hmm… Well this is a historical landmark… I’m not sure I can bend the rules. If everyone was to request the same, the bed would be…

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