Fern evolution, new study

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This video says about itself:

Immortalized Fossil Fern Reveals Evolutionary Standstill

A remarkably preserved, 180-million-year-old fossilized fern has been unearthed in Sweden.

The fern was in such pristine condition that its tiny cellular parts were intact, according to a study detailed today (March 20 2017) in the journal Science.

And it turns out, not much has changed for the family of ferns in the last 180 million years.

„The genome size of these reputed living fossils has remained unchanged over at least 180 million years — a paramount example of evolutionary stasis,“ the authors wrote in the paper.

Ferns are some of the most primeval plants; they first appeared in the fossil record nearly 360 million years ago. But many modern ferns got their start in the Cretaceous Period, when flowering plants emerged.

The newfound Jurassic Period fossil fern was uncovered in Korsaröd, Sweden, in a bed of…

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