Poetry – Quietude of Dreams

Raqi Raccoon

A free verse poetry „Quietude of Dreams“.

The world is evolving before us, nature moving in small, but delicate steps. Skies changing shifts from dark to light, little buds opening heads, stretching petals of many colors, green yawning, and bending with the weight of morning dew. A little free verse, and digital art piece to indulge.

Image of a free verse poetry "Quietude".

When the dawn stirs
In the wee hours of stars
and the dampness of dew
settles across a green,
like tinsel streaming tears.
In the quietude of dreams,
I restrain from wakefulness…
And fragrance drifts through
open windows.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Quietude of Dreams|
A free verse poetry.


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