Islam And Extremism 

As you may be aware, Islam divides itself into two major believers, the Sunnis and Shias.
Within that religion, it is suggested that the beheading of Shias by Sunnis is one of the keys to heaven.

No wonder that in a period of three months there have been three terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists here in the UK alone!

The most recent one happened a few days ago (04/06/2017), which was the main reason that I got the urge to start blogging again to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. 

The London killers were heard shouting “This is for Allah (God)”. This makes me sick to my stomach that someone really thinks he would go to heaven by committing the most inhumane act of killing innocent people. 

Perhaps you could argue that it’s the person’s perception or point of view or understanding of the material (Quran) 

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