Happily His!! ❤️ #Part 4

Free to express

Recap:in previous part we saw Ashi and Suhan left for mumbai as per Suhan’s father’s instructions, later on their they were told to get down at Gujrat, but Ashi refuses this time.

This time mom was furious, she called the dad and told the scene, it was going like a game calledChinese whisper. What can be done? A hot topic needed just fuel to get worst.

„Your son and his so called wife, left to Mumbai, I told them toGet Down at Gujrat just because I asked them so, she refused, always mother in laws are tortured this way, „furiously Suhan’s mom telling all this to his father on phone.

“ what’s the matter calm down first? There might be some problem or reason for not staying, „father replied.

“ there is a word called respect, if you are on his side, don’t call me…

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