Twenty-four Days–FREE!


One-day freepromotion of my new military/tech thriller, Twenty-four Days.

A former SEAL, a brilliant scientist, a love-besotted nerd, and a quirky AI have twenty-four days to stop a terrorist attack. The problems: They don’t know what it is, where it is, or who’s involved.

It has 4.8 stars on Amazon, but is it worth your investment (of $0.00). Here’s what Kirkus says about the book:

A blistering pace is set from the beginning: dates open each new chapter/section, generating a countdown that intensifies the title’s time limit. Murray skillfully bounces from scene to scene, handling numerous characters, from hijackers to MI6 special agent Haster. … A steady tempo and indelible menace form a stirring nautical tale

Click to download on June 20, 2017,and enjoy!

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