Happily His!! ❤️ #Part 3

Free to express

Recap:Ashi and Suhan fell for each other but parents were not ready, hence they made a plan to elope and get married but after this they will go and convince their parents,

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to GIVE UP on each other.


„I don’t know why Suhan’s phone is out of reach? I’m so worried? “ Suhansmomonphone.

“ Wait, I will try and find out where is he? „replied his father.

Keeps the call and, thinks for sometime and then he picks his phone again and dials a no.

“ hello, papa pranaam, “ says Suhan

“ where are you? Your mom is so worried? Why are you in India without informing us? Don’t tell me that you have done something major! “ papa shouted on phone.

daddy I have married, Ashi! Her parents were…

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