Fall/Winter 2017 trend: Suede.

Quirk it

Suede is back this fall/ winter 2017 and inviting the 1970’s theme and bohemian style into your closet! Suede is a soft leather that has been rubbed on one of the sides to make the surface soft and feel like velvet. The texture is perfect for the cold weather. Suede fabric is not only seen in the original colour of brown, but the suede colour is now also trending in shades of grey, turquoise, pastel blue, navy and cherry.

The suede trend was originally used by Balmain as a Spring summer 2016 trend, but the trend was such a hit that the suede fabric is back this fall/winter 2017, yet again by Balmain, from shoes to bags, to skirts and jackets. Whenever I see a style on the runway I get so excited to try it out, but keep in mind we need to make the outfit contemporary too. An…

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