The Hitchhiker’s Guide to one autistic person’s galaxy ~ how to communicate with me, and how I’ll probably communicate with you

the silent wave

I’m probably starting to sound redundant and boring. Or at least obsessed with the Hitchhiker concept. Or something.

But it’s such a great concept, isn’t it? I mean, we’re all just sort of hitchhikers here on this interesting playground called Earth and stuff. At least, that’s the way I see it. And I also see the Asperger’s/autism spectrum as not so much a spectrum, per se. That’s so linear, and linear is so passé. The 21st-century can ring in a new era of thinking in 3D, right? (I heard that most people think in 2D; is that even correct? I remember being surprised to hear that, as I had never thought that way; my thought-trains were more like thought-clouds, nebulous and all.)

My apologies to those who find sentence fragments annoying; I’m just feeling/thinking very fragmented today. Must be the anti-histamine medications I had to take earlier. They make my…

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