Smorgasbord Guest writer – 19th June to 27th June – Author Horatio Grin – Biography.

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It is clear that fairies seem to be trending at the moment and this rather enigmatic author, who is surrounded by mystery was recommended to me by Paul Andruss as being an authority on these mythical creatures…Horatio Grin has kindly agreed to let me use his series on other worldly creatures over the next week.. I am sure you will enjoy has much as I have.

To get the ball rolling I thought I would introduce Horatio with his bio and interesting back story along with the link to the website where he maintains a low web presence.. You will understand why when you read about his career.

Horatio William Grin was born 29 July 1940 in the village of Kingstone Warren, Oxfordshire, in the shadow of White Horse Hill. His parents were William George Grin, Barrister and latterly King’s Counsel and Beatrice Caroline Grin nee Lough, a younger…

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