Part 6 – Abuse

A little insight

Excuse me while I jump around my life.

Abuse. There are so many forms in which this can take place. There is verbal, mental, physical and sexual. There may or may not be more. But these are the ones I am going to focus on. Why? Because these are the ones I’ve experienced.

Where to start. Lets go to one of the more painful and confusing ones. Going back to a previous blog where I stated I was raped by my ex boyfriend (we will call him Ex 2). I didnt know at the time that you could be raped by someone you were dating. I didn’t know until I was telling my therapist a story and he asked me, „so he raped you?“. My immediate response was „no, we were dating“ and then he explained to me that I was in fact raped. It took me a very long…

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