Ocean predatory animals are growing

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17 November 2016

Researchers discovered snail species that use their shells to hit predators. Snails were thought to withdraw into their shells when attacked, but land snail species Karaftohelix gainesi and Karaftohelix selskii manifest an active defence behaviour, counterattacking predators by swinging their shells.


Parallel evolution of passive and active defence in land snails.

Yuta Morii, Larisa Prozorova & Satoshi Chiba.

Scientific Reports.

From Science News:

Ancient attack marks show ocean predators got scarier

Holes in shells reveal predators that kill by drilling just kept getting bigger

By Susan Milius

4:12pm, June 15, 2017

In pumped-up sequels for scary beach movies, each predator is bigger than the last. Turns out that predators in real-world oceans may have upsized over time, too.

Attack holes in nearly 7,000 fossil shells suggest that drilling predators have outpaced their prey in evolving ever larger bodies…

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