Won by one each time

lisapomerantzster: Are we there yet?

June. Summer. Kids running free and the smell of chlorine. PRIDE month is happening all over the globe. Nu?Many of you must be just a bissel (a little bit) interested in the gay agenda? Come, sit. Let me tell you a story about a yearning to fight inequality in the form of a rainbow.

Way back in June of 1970 (that is effing 47 years ago people), the very first Pride Parade took place in New York City (my Little, she calls it, ‚You Nork‘) to honor theStonewall Riotsof 1969. This event clearly marked the beginning of the long, hard struggle known as the  LGBTQcivil rights movement in the US. One single pride parade has bravely morphed and grown into festivals, parties, galas (this group, we know a little something about throwing parties!) and month-long…

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