Poetry review A Ranch Bordering the Salty River


aranchborderingthesaltyriverName of poem collection: A Ranch Bordering the Salty River
Release year: 2015
Writer: Stephen Page
Known from: The Timbre of Sand and Still Dandelions
Content & review: Today I have faced a new challange as I have never reviewed poetry before but lets start simple and say that the book is a collection of 20 poems which is nicely crafted about anything from farming to eggs to soldiers. And events that happens and because I used to live on the country I know many of the things plus the events is described very good. I am not so good in reading symbols but the feels the way that the collection is ordered it is almost like a novel as it could be describing different days. I also like that it is not just the same type of poetry over and over again fx some parts is only 2 lines…

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