Modi Supports Merkel’s EU Leadership as Trump Scolds Germany

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Modi Supports Merkel’s EU Leadership as Trump Scolds Germany – Prime Minister Narendra Modi today backed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s „strong leadership“ in uniting the European Union at a time when the economic grouping was showing signs of strain post Brexit and over the protectionist policies of US President Donald Trump.

Modi, whose visit to Germany comes less than a week after Merkel provided the strongest indication yet that the EU and the US under President Trump were drifting apart, said India would play a positive role in boosting unity in the grouping.

Modi’s support comes at a crucial time for Merkel, who has been fighting secessionist tendencies within the bloc since Britain decided to leave the 28-member bloc through a referendum in June last year.

The prime minister praised her „strong leadership“ and said a EU-focused vision is what the world needs.

„EU unity, proactiveness and strong relations…

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