Free Verse – Paradox of Complexities

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry „Paradox of Complexities“.

One can find the meshing of strands of light, a red glow floods from hearts under the moonlit smile. Satin flows under movements of waves and stars glitter through black. A free verse and digital art piece to tease the flowing thoughts of minds.

Image of Free Verse - Paradox of Complexities

He was aparadox of complexities.
Like a strike of lightning
that could be so deadly,
but yet so beautifully stunning.
I’ve never seen a disaster
so ready to happen.
Him and I.
Naturally, infinitely masculine.
His character struck me fiercely.
And filled in all my dark places.
Nurturing scars from MY shadows.
I screamed under his thunder.
Breathe the wind into my lungs.
His hand gripped mine tightly
sending currents through my heart.
He swept my thoughts into a storm,
I fell spiraling downward to my bed.
I landed in the wake of his light.

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