Resiliency Comes From Recovery

Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World,

Hustle hustle hustle that’s what we’re taught to do… We were never taught to take a break and that’s not good for you! 😞

To be strong and resilient we’ve got to stop and refresh… Cause if we don’t eventually our lives become a mess!!!😕😮😕😮😕😮

Take some time this weekend to put your work away… Spend some time to enjoy yourself and refresh for a couple of days😊

🌻🌞 Have a beautiful weekend my friends 🌞🌻

You all know my story and I now only need $328 more to pay the mechanic to be able to continue my journey and convert the bus like I promised my son I would do… ❤🙏

Please help if you are able because i cannot do this alone or share the link below, so I can continue the journey to spread my sons ashes, continue living and continue to heal…

❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏 I…

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