Poetry – View From an Open Door

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry, „View From an Open Door.“

Reflecting back on moments, we ponder upon choices. Where would we be if we had done this or that? Would we be in a better place, or worse. We need to fall and then rise with a better reflection of what should be.

Image of In this free verse poetry, "View From an Open Door."

View It From an Open Door

I think back.
What brought me to this place?
This place I occupy now.
It’s mine. I own it.
Of all the lessons.
Of all the blessings.
Of moments I fell and fell hard.
It was the moment it counted.
Once lost, but now found.
Clarity rose in my eyes and soul.
Eyes that once filled with tears.
Learning not to fear, fear itself.
I was scared of the darkness,
but in reality, I was just seeking the light.
And to know of loss is because
I’d seen happiness before.

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