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Author Name: Uvi Poznansky

Sale dates: 06/16/2017-06/19/2017

Regular price of book: $2.99

Sale price of book: $0.00

Category: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

Three ways to describe this book: 

Historical Fiction, King David’s wives, Court intrigue

Here is the story of David as you have never heard it before: from the king himself, telling the unofficial version, the one he never allowed his court scribes to recount. In his mind, history is written to praise the victorious—but at the last stretch of his illustrious life, he feels an irresistible urge to tell the truth. Rooted in ancient lore, his is a surprisingly modern memoir. 

In an era of cruelty, when destroying the enemy is deemed a sacred directive, the slayer of Goliath finds a way to become larger than life. His search for a path to power leads him in ways that are, at times, scandalous. Notorious for his contradictions, David is seen by…

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