Grail Thoughts #26 . . . Marriages are made in heaven


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„Marriage is for….two individuals who are certain, sure and confident in who they are. When a man and a woman are joined in matrimony….this does not transform them to Siamese twins.

Marital union is not about a burdensome dependency but a liberating complementarity and cooperation.

Too often…especially for the womenfolk, their true personalities after marriage….practically disappear. Their husband’s and children become some kind of reference point for her existence and value.

“ I am the Lord Thy God thou shalt have no other God’s but me“

It is a sin to bury your personality…talents and gifts…because you got married and became parents. You, disobey the Creator, shortchange your spouse, children and humanity.

Marriage should actually make the man and woman blossom radiantly even more. Their spiritual progress as a couple is a steady continuum.

Husbands who still hold the view that the origin of their wives is a piece of…

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