British Liberal Democrat leader, against LGBTQ and women’s rights, resigns

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This video from Britain says about itself:

Tim Farron won’t tell LBC caller whether he thinks being gay is a sin

2 June 2017

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron wouldn’t tell this radio caller whether he thought being gay is a sin.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Tim Farron resigns as Liberal Democrat leader

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Leader says he must ‚remain faithful to Christ‘

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron resigned today following the resignation of home affairs spokesman Brian Paddick because of his controversial Christian views.

Mr Farron was dogged throughout the election campaign over refusing to clarify whether he believed gay sex was a sin and because he has previously stated abortion is wrong.

Mr Farron claimed it would be „impossible“ to „remain faithful to Christ“ while leading the Lib Dems – apparently because of their support for equal rights, rather than the…

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